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Motorized, adjustable macro-rails MicroCather by ZenGears brand

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MicroCather is a unique equipment designed for macro- and micro-shooting. With the help of this macro-rails, high-quality implementation of stacking method becomes possible, when a series of snapshots is taken with a step-by-step drift of a camera to uptake a higher depth of a frame sharpness, that are later joined in a special editing software.

Set step size (number of motor steps for per one travel)
0001 – (variable value)

Set num steps (number of full motor steps)
0030 – (variable value)

Set pause time (time foe taking a shot)
02 sec – (variable value)
(2 sec more are given to “stabilize a camera”
after the move this value is not changeable)

Return to start (return of the camera to a starting position)
Enabled-Disabled (optional)

Stepper speed (speed of stepping motor)
2000 – (variable value)

Set bracketing (number of shots per each stop of rails)
0001 – (variable value)

Backlight (device display lightening)
Enabled-Disabled (optional)

Set setting (setting of motor step size)
FullStep – HalfStep –MicroStep (full step – ¼ of step – 1/32 of step)

Price: 490EUR per kit.

Kit contains:
– Macro-rails with motor and stage for camera fixation
– A control device
– A power supply
– A synchronizing cable
– A motor cable

– 100mm travel distance (another options are available)

– Minimum step size 0.001mm

– Horizontal load up to 20kg. Vertical load up to 5kg

– 12V power supply (complete with a 220-12V 2A battery)

– All parameters are adjustable

– Matches with any photo-system

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